Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rhett Butler

                                         Rhett Butler - Leo

   The Lion of the Zodiac is strong, vain, ambitious, charismatic, domineering, and stubborn; in other words, Rhett Butler.
   Margaret Mitchell's infamous male lead in her masterpiece Gone With the Wind displays all of the characteristics of a Leo male.
  Rhett Butler is known as a rogue and a cad, yet he still manages to be the main attraction in the drawing room. This is due to the Leo's love of attention and their talent for getting it wherever they go. No Leo, and certainly not Rhett, will waste their charm on an unappreciative audience; the Leo will be the center of attention and their listeners will be admirers.
  Another defining characteristic of the Leo is their need to dominate. We see this demonstrated in Rhett's push-me-pull-you relationship with the fiery Scarlett O'Hara, who also has a need to dominate. The result is a sort of mind game and constant strategy play to gain and maintain the upper hand.
  Although being domineering and greedy for attention often fall into the negative category of personality traits, the Leo is also tremendously generous and even chivalrous when they see fit. Mr. Butler displayed these warm traits of the Leo toward Mrs. Wilkes, whom he admired greatly and showed the utmost courtesy to. Again, once he had finally managed to marry Scarlett, he showered her with anything and everything that she wanted or ever thought of wanting.
  On the other hand, warmth and chivalry can turn sour when the Leo's loyalty turns to jealousy. Mr. Butler carried a jealousy bordering on hatred toward Ashley Wilkes when he repeatedly discovered that Miss O'Hara could never seem to forget him.
  Respect is all- important to a Leo man. Respect him and he will shower you with love, praise, money, and anything else you ask for. As is characteristic of fire signs, Leo's have quite a bad temper. Disrespect a Leo man and he will be quick to show his fiery temper brewing just below the surface.
  In spite of all, the Leo is extremely loyal and will remain faithful throughout his days, provided that he feels loved and respected in return.

Leo - July 23rd - August 21st