Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jane Eyre - Taurus, April 21st


 Though Charlotte Bronte never gave an exact date of birth to her dear heroine Jane, there is no doubt that Miss Eyre is an Earth sign.

The Earth signs consist of the Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. All three are firmly grounded individuals who value hard work, diligence, family and stability.
Jane's preoccupation with doing as her duty demands reaches nearly insane proportions as she finds the strength to abandon what her heart most ardently desires because possessing it would mean being dishonorable. This is a sure mark of an Earth sign if ever there was one. In addition to the clear Earth tones that leap off the pages of Miss Bronte's novel, there is also documentation that suggests that Jane Eyre was based on Charlotte Bronte herself. Bronte was a Taurus born on April 21st. It seems reasonable to deduce that Miss Eyre is also undoubtedly a Taurus.

The Taurus is symbolized by the Bull. Much like this stubborn animal, the Taurus is known for their hardheadedness and digging in their heels for no better reason than because tradition or duty demands it. This trait in Jane caused Mr. Rochester to exclaim vehemently at times how very stubborn his little vixen was.

Though their inflexibility is often maddening, this trait is also responsible for many positive aspects of the Taureans personality. Because of their dedication to duty and commitment, the Taurus is often among the most trustworthy of people. They think through decisions thoroughly, applying reason and a good dose of common sense.

The Taurus feels things deeply, though may appear cold and detached, as their common sense gives them a "no use crying over spilled milk" mentality when it comes to misfortune.

Jane displays these Taurean characteristics time and again, from her determination to leave Lowood School, to her refusal to marry Mr. Rochester under dishonorable conditions.  Nursing an ailing Mrs. Reed who so mistreated her as a child is further testament to Jane's Taurean sense of duty. The Taurus believes that, when push comes to shove, however else she may feel about it, the call of duty must be obeyed.