Friday, May 27, 2011

Becky Sharp

                                                 Becky Sharp

Becky Sharp, witty, intelligent, and a shameless social climber, is undoubtedly a Gemini. Though William Makepeace Thackeray never pinpointed Becky's exact birthday in his novel, Vanity Fair, he did succeed in crafting a picture-perfect snapshot of a female Gemini.
  The Gemini is known as the "Child of the Zodiac" and as such this sign displays a great deal of vivaciousness and energy. Gemini's have the ability to ooze life and light, and often find themselves the center of attention; an arrangement they do not mind in the slightest.
   The Gemini's element is Air, and like all Air signs, this can lead to a tendency to be flighty and unreliable. They can also tend to be remarkably indecisive, as they never feel entirely complete and are always on the lookout for the person or thing that will complete them. We see this trait displayed in Miss Sharp by her ruthless desire to climb the ladder of society.
  Gemini's also tend to be quite chatty and are a social sign that enjoys, and even needs, to connect with other people. Miss Sharp uses her ability for language to charm unwitting people into relationships simply for her own personal advantage.
   The symbol for the Gemini are the Twins, which illustrates the Gemini's split personality, making them a very complex sign. Just when you think you have a Gemini pegged, their Twin will show up and confuse you to no end.
  Known for their wit and intelligence, the Gemini can be the sweetest and most optimistic person you'll ever meet, or they will use their gifts for cunning purposes and have to endure a bitter dose of consequence when their carefully laid plans crash about their ears. However, Gemini's have a remarkable ability to land on their feet, and often will recover from whatever mischief they have been tangled up in no worse for the wear.

Gemini - May 22nd - June 21st 

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  1. In my opinion she was a m ix of a leo and capricorn